October 2009

Two Words

In honor of the baseball playoffs, I offer this story, as it appeared in May, 2008. In the early 1940’s, Norman Corwin was nearly as well known as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and much admired. Author Ray Bradbury calls Corwin, “…the greatest director, the greatest writer … Read More

This One’s for Frank

A good friend of mine owns an art gallery with a peaceful and immensely satisfying restaurant currently serving lunch. “I would like you and your wife to have dinner on me,” Frank says.  “We’re trying out a new menu.  Just tell me what you … Read More

No Brainer

When it comes to apologia, creative people have the edge on most of us regarding imaginative rationalizations.  However, sometimes the more creative they are, the more cockamamie the reasoning.

Thirty-one years after he fled the United States after pleading guilty to having had sex with … Read More