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All Lies Matter
Since June 2015, when he first announced his candidacy, Donald Trump has proven himself to be the most dismissive, divisive, defensive, histrionic, ill-tempered, sexist, Islamaphobic, bigoted, blame-laying, responsibility-evading, transparency-avoiding, media-needy, media-hating (except for stories about him that he likes), contradictory, federal judge-denouncing, Fake News-claiming, science-denying, historically illiterate, constitutionally ignorant, conspiracy-promoting, demagogic, fear-mongering, ally-alienating, NATO-naïve, authoritarian-leaning, Putin-praising, murderous-dictators-admiring (Korea’s Kim Jung...
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May 5, 2017
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Alex Jones: Real Fake News
On one side you have Hamdi Ulukaya, Turkish immigrant and founder of Chobani yogurt, the top-selling Greek brand of yogurt which employs approximately 2,000 at its processing plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. On the other side, you have Alex Jones, the farrrrr-right (and I’m being kind) American radio show host and conspiracist-in-chief. Ulukaya filed a lawsuit against Jones “for posting...
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May 3, 2017
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The Attack of the Clawbacks!
“[The] wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine.” — Sun Tzu The board of directors of banking giant Wells Fargo announced “…that it would claw back an additional $75 million in compensation from the two executives on whom it pinned most of the blame for the company’s scandal over fraudulent accounts: the bank’s former chief executive, John G. Stumpf,...
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May 1, 2017

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Debate: How We’re Doing It Wrong
Every time another mass shooting occurs, the debate begins again. FOR GUN CONTROL – Nineteen, the number of mass shootings that have occurred since January...
Think It Can’t Happen Here?
     “If there’s one American belief I hold above all others, it’s that those who would set themselves up in judgment on matters of what...