December 2013

Remembering a True Friend

I recently learned of the death of Fran Striker, Jr. – a true friend who reflected the kind of character represented in his dad as well as the western hero made famous on radio and film. After the release of his dad’s final western “One Read More

Racism in a Hospital Bed – Update

Last July I reported on a story from The New York Times (July 25), that talked about how some doctors encountered racism from the patients they were treating. The story reported on an event that took place between an Asian female doctor treating an injured … Read More

Hooters and the Coach – Update

Last Month (Nov. 15), I wrote how Corbett Middle School football Coach Randy Burbach (pictured), over the objections from school officials, took his team to a local Hooters restaurant and bar for an end-of-season celebration.

After learning of the location in advance, Corbett School District … Read More