February 2013

A Force Multiplier

The sequester; Republicans blame the president; the president blames them back; the Catholic sex abuse scandal, same sex marriage, voting rights, gun control, Martha Stewart vs. Macy’s… AND the Pope says, “I’m Outta here!”

Obstruction, power, intolerance, hubris – The Four Horsemen ride again.

After … Read More

Duty and Honor

Downton Abbey is the British-produced, period drama on PBSthat everyone… including me, is watching. It’s a character study of two classes: the lords and ladies of privilege that occupy the drawing rooms in the castle that is their home; and the household keepers who … Read More

An Issue of Credibility

This Sunday, Hollywood awards its highest honor, the Oscar, to top films and filmmakers of 2012. Zero Dark Thirty – a film depicting the hunt for Osama bin Laden – up for Best Picture, has become a political football due to what many have called … Read More

Lunch with Barny

Just off the 101 freeway in Carpinteria, California back from the road sits Rudy’s, a strip-mall-style Mexican restaurant where the tacos are tasty and burritos are muy bueno! It’s a place where my web designer Harold and I show up to meet… well, first … Read More

Words That Matter

In his book on George Washington, Richard Brookhiser writes that “all modern manners in the western world were originally aristocratic. Courtesy meant behavior appropriate to a court; chivalry comes from chevalier – a knight. Yet Washington was to dedicate himself to freeing America from a … Read More


Skimming Huffington Post, something jumped out at me.

“My company is more likely to be a success because of me!

There it was, on the Business page of HuffP just belowBreaking News about Warren Buffett buying Heinz, (he must love the ketchup).… Read More

Mutual Respect and Trust

The president’s State of the Union speech officially marks the beginning of a new federal cycle.

What will that new beginning look like? How will those few, elected to represent the many, lead?

Here are a few words for both Congress and the president to … Read More