April 2011

Snake Pit

“September 2005,” former AIG investment specialist Gordon Massie writes, “…the atmosphere at AIG was still toxic and oppressive.”

Of course, the real dilemma for any whistleblower is what happens after you report something wrong? Are the people at the top willing to accept and act … Read More

Snake Oil

Historically, the term applied to a Chinese painkiller originally derived from the skin of Chinese water snakes. Due to the lack of efficacy, however, the expression quickly became code for any fraudulent product.

But the vital ingredient in snake oil was not in the bottle … Read More

When it comes to opinion media, what raises my ethical hackles most comes from Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck – three individuals responsible for much of the fear, unreason and cynicism that flourishes today.
This excerpt comes from the chapter on Glenn Read More