July 2010

The Way Things Ought to Be

In 1916, at the tender age of 22, Norman Rockwell submitted his first successful cover to the Saturday Evening Post – a magazine that became an essential in homes and business waiting rooms across America. Over the next 47 years, the illustrator produced another 321 … Read More

Ethics in Action

Ernie Allen has spent much of his life in public service and is currently president and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In a conversation from 1999, Ernie shared this story with me about the importance of accountability.

“I have … Read More

On Patriotism

After losing all four limbs to a roadside bomb on Easter Sunday 2009, U.S. Army infantryman Brendan Marrocco doesn’t even come close to showing the kind of emotional cracks to his confidence many others would surely face, including me.

To look at photos of Marrocco, … Read More

Missed Opportunities

While people can disagree about religious, political and cultural values, most are not likely to disagree about universal, ethical values. I haven’t come across a levelheaded individual who does not wish to be treated honestly, fairly or with respect. However, those same people can disagree … Read More