July 2013

Racism in a Hospital Bed

You are an ER doctor at a hospital who has just admitted a motorcyclist in his thirties who has sustained serious, but not life threatening, injuries due to drinking. You are scheduled to attend the patient who’s described as a “mean drunk.”

This is what … Read More

Two Creeps

I can’t believe the words that come out of the mouths of two individuals who hold themselves up as responsible, trustworthy leaders worthy of putting their own interests aside in service to a larger purpose.

Before I go any further, let me just state, for … Read More

Culture vs. Correctness

Growing up, my brother and I were devoted Disneyphiles. From Walt Disney Presents to Disneyland, we loved all the fantasies as well as the marketing.

When Disney’s Song of the South aired on TV, we soaked up the colorful collection of Uncle Remus stories … Read More

Military Justice

Once again, friend and colleague Colman McCarthy hits the nail on the head in his commentary regarding sexual assaults in the military. A former Washington Post columnist, McCarthy directs the Center for Teaching Peace in Washington and teaches courses on nonviolence at four universities and Read More

…to get beyond

On April 4, 1968, New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy was campaigning for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination. Scheduled to speak before a crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kennedy had learned that civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been shot and killed, but, … Read More

The Ethical Take

The E.T. examines the few, the questionable and the outrageous who refuse to take the road less traveled.

Rolling Stone – Several chain stores, including pharmacy brand CVS will not sell copies of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine to their customers in the … Read More

Malala’s Message

I have never heard such calm, yet resolute wisdom in the words of a sixteen-year-old. “I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.”

Nine months after a Taliban terrorist shot her … Read More

Say it Ain’t so, Joe!

“I’m through with ’em. I mean it, I’ve had it!” That’s what Yankee manager Joe Girardi told me in a recent conversation. With his team’s percentage a dismal .543, six-and-a-half games back of first going into Tuesday night’s All-Star game, the Yankee chief is justifiably … Read More

July 2013 Ethical Hero – John N. Baldwin

In his book, One Patient at a Time – A Medical Center at Work, Milton Zisowitz writes, “The battle for health and life in a great hospital, revealed in a dramatic case histories of people like…the young intern, only three months out of medical … Read More


In his closing argument in the George Zimmerman murder trial, Florida state prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda told a jury of six women that Trayvon Martin  “is dead because another man made assumptions, because his assumptions were wrong.”

That statement pretty much sums up the … Read More