July 2011

Memo to Jim:

Scanning the papers, I’m passing along stories that could use your ethical input. Front page of the NY Times, Ex-Teammate to Confront Clemens at Trial has former NY Yankees pitcher Andy Pettite testifying against friend and former teammate Roger Clemens in a DC trial beginning … Read More

Our Sacred Honor

Adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, Mr. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence clearly lays out the principles – both ethically and spiritual – that we stand for.

The opening sentence sets in motion an unequivocal understanding that God gives both independence and equality … Read More


We interrupt our special Fourth of July commentary for this TMZ Exclusive: Jim Lichtman, ‘Renowned’ Ethics Specialist, is Lost!

Lichtman was last seen giving Mel Gibson advice outside an L.A. eatery (see photo) around June 14th. Sources close to the writer confirmed that in spite … Read More


Although faith is not an ethical value, its importance in driving ethical conduct should not be underestimated. In fact, the word faith comes from the Latin fidere meaning ‘to trust.’

During his thirty-five-year career in the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak served two tours of … Read More