May 2009

Everybody Does It

A recent conversation about the bonuses paid to some employees at AIG like Jack DeSantis, led to this question:  ‘Don’t you believe in honoring contracts?”

In fact, I do believe in honoring commitments and obligations.  However, when a multi-billion dollar company like AIG runs into … Read More

Decanting the Truth

In a press interview regarding the Iraq war, Vice-President Dick Cheney was once asked “Over 70 percent of Americans disagree with this war, what is your response?”


It was a chilling moment of arrogance not easily forgotten by most Americans.  It was the same … Read More

What Would Will Do?

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, in 2008, “Shellee Hale of Bellevue, Wash., posted in several online forums about a hacker attack on a company that makes software used to track sales for adult-entertainment Web sites. She claimed that personal information of the sites’ … Read More


Nancy is the precocious and wily young lady who is constantly in the state of a daydream or confused plot.

“I am saying that the C.I.A. was misleading the Congress and at the same time the administration was misleading the Congress on weapons of mass … Read More

Fair-Minded Words

I’m including the entire text of President Obama’s speech from his Sunday (May 17) commencement address at the University of Notre Dame because I think it speaks volumes about his character.

An acknowledged Christian, Mr. Obama supports both pro-choice and embryonic stem cell research.  He … Read More

‘First 100 Days’: A Closer Look, Part II

Last week I shared the results of a new poll that Capps Center Director Wade Clark Roof and I commissioned Zogby International:  “Integrity, Leadership, Trust.”  We asked more than 3,300 Americans to grade both President Obama and Congress based on the qualities and issues they … Read More

My Problem with Dick Cheney

I am deeply disappointed in former Vice President Dick Cheney.

During his tenure as vice president, Mr. Cheney would rarely sit for interviews to discuss the Bush administration’s policy choices during his eight years in office.  Lately, the reticent Mr. Cheney has taken to sitting … Read More