Trust & Confidence

    “A well-researched, enthralling history of the fight between Kenneth Starr and the Secret Service. Lichtman’s story is a gripping political drama.”
—Kirkus Reviews

    “I had the honor to work with Lew Merletti when I was Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton. Lew was a trusted member of the Secret Service who believed in the values of duty, honor, courage and commitment. 'Trust and Confidence' is the story of how Lew defended those values from those who sought to undermine what Lew would never surrender - his integrity."
—Leon E. Panetta, Former Chief of Staff; Secretary of Defense; Director CIA     


What Do You Stand For?

   “My powerful gratitude to you for that superb book! It covers a subject which has always fascinated me… Stand tall; Never quit; Drive on!”
Gen. Hal Moore, co-author, “We Were Soldiers Once… And Young”



   “The unholy trinity of Coulter, Limbaugh and Beck is little more than egotistical, self-serving fear mongers who serve no purpose other than to further their own agendas and line their own pockets. Lichtman should be commended for taking on this oft-debated issue; ethics in politics is the proverbial needle in the haystack, which will, no doubt, continue to be a hot topic for years to come.”
Kirkus Reviews


The Lone Ranger's Code of the West

   “…a witty 250-plus pages in which a bicycle-riding, Snapple-tea-drinking Lichtman has a series of campfire chats with the Lone Ranger and Tonto illustrating… qualities of character they consider most important.”
USA Today

   “…an entertaining and thought-provoking read.”
Boston Herald

   “…an attempt to ring the bells of ethics and courage once more.”
Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News



About Jim Lichtman

Jim Lichtman has been writing and speaking on ethics since 1995. Past clients include The American Bankers Association, Federal Dispute Resolution Conference, Society of Actuaries, Sandia National Labs, National Grocers Association, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island, The 3rd National Character Education Conference, Idaho Hospital Association, California Teachers Association—region 3, Hampton University Honors College, Penn State Forum, and US Department of State.

His op-eds have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and The New York Times.

Feature stories and appearances include The New Jersey Star-Ledger, Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Herald, National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, NY-1, and CNN’s NewsNight with Aaron Brown.

His weekly commentaries can be found at

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