Cold Turkey

Jedi Master Dan Piraro offers this little political mockery in his weekly colorful commentaries. With a country politically polarized to the point of protests, how in the heck are these people going to be able to sit down at the Thanksgiving Day table and have … Read More

To Eat or Not to Eat

There are many issues – ethical and otherwise – that we could be spending more time considering, but… this question caught the attention and response of thousands of New York Times‘ readers, (May 3, 2012).

Ariel Kaminer, who writes The Ethicist column in the Sunday … Read More

Remember these guys? Did they rise to the top of the bottom of the barrel? A look at the Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous over the past year. By the numbers – The Center for Public Integrity offers up a few items from … Read More

Culture vs. Correctness

Growing up, my brother and I were devoted Disneyphiles. From Walt Disney Presents to Disneyland, we loved all the fantasies as well as the marketing.

When Disney’s Song of the South aired on TV, we soaked up the colorful collection of Uncle Remus stories … Read More

What Now?

The fallout for former Food Network star Paula Deen continues to grow. After learning, through a recent court deposition, that she had used racial slurs and jokes that disparage blacks, the network announced that it would not renew Deen’s contract which expires at the end … Read More

Two Standards

Friday’s news carried two business-related stories that, on the surface, may not seem similar but really demonstrate a double standard when it comes to guilt.

Paul Deen took to YouTube Friday to apologize for using the “n” word. In part, Deen said, “I want to … Read More