Call it Whatever You Want

In the Tom Hanks Cold War drama, Bridge of Spies, U.S. attorney James Donovan is assigned to defend known Russian spy Rudolf Abel. After predictably losing the case, Donovan persuades the judge to give Abel a prison term instead of a death sentence. At … Read More


Last week, President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since being elected. While the meeting was supposed to allow Mr. Trump to lay out his proposal on how he will unravel himself from his many conflict of interest issues, the conversation quickly turned to … Read More

No one in modern American politics has used social media to influence an audience better than Donald Trump. His tool of choice: Twitter – the technological equivalent of a 1770 broadside.

Long before he ran for president, Trump would use social media to preen before … Read More

The Media: 1770 and 2016

Without a doubt, last year was the year the news media and politics fused into a kind of “Kardashian” alt-reality of over-the-top, dramatic nonsense that turned logic on its head.

However, I want to go back in time, revisiting an event that took place in … Read More

Dear Mr. Baker

Gerard Baker is The Wall Street Journal’s editor in chief.

You have a strangely nuanced view of what is or is not a lie when it comes to the utterances and tweets of President-elect Trump.

Here’s what you said (Trump, ‘Lies’ and Honest JournalismRead More

While the election is behind us and Donald Trump is scheduled to be the 45th President of the United States, I’m trying to be hopeful that he will be a positive force for the country and do the right thing. But it’s getting difficult.

On … Read More

A few years ago, a college buddy contacted me by e-mail with a headline and link to a website that talked about a conspiracy theory that he believed to be true.

His message: “Jim, you need to look into this. You can’t believe what they’re … Read More